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ROSES, shrubs, hedge and clematis: 2024 catalogue should open in late November or early December. Magnolias, Satomi dogwood and other beauties will be offered.

DAVID AUSTIN ROSES will be added in two phases. Some at catalogue opening time, and some in late February, with very little overlap in varieties.

MAIL ORDER roses and magnolias: a small number of orders will be accepted. Mail order option will likely open in March or so.

PEONIES: I’ll reduce the quantities by about 80% to 90%. Mostly, collector varieties will be offered. Peonies will be added to the website gradually in December and January and a few more in spring. Fall shipping ONLY.
– I am saying good-bye to $25-$50 varieties. Get yours *this* fall if you want any, most peonies are on sale now.
– The number of collector peony varieties will also be very much reduced. There won’t be 200 peony varieties offered as before.
– I will still offer “Please find me that rare peony” service; we have established great connections with peony collectors throughout Canada. Please send your requests for fall 2024 before December 2023, if possible, for higher chances. As before, I will check the price with you when I find it and wait for you to confirm.


2023 peonies shipping time: October.

Open hours during the summer 2023: by appointment. If you placed an order, please message me when you would like to pick it up. No pick ups on Saturdays.
28 Withrod Dr Halifax, cell 902-412-8673



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