Warranty and Refunds

Restocking fee

In case of order cancellations, restocking fee is 25%. In addition, any PayPal or banking transaction costs incurred by Halifax Perennials are not refunded.


Warranty on plants being true to variety
Peonies are guaranteed to be the correct variety. No time limit, even if they don’t bloom the first year.
Roses are guaranteed to be the correct variety.

Warranty on plant health
All plants are guaranteed to grow well, let me know within 2 months if the plant didn’t do well for you.
Fall-planting herbaceous peonies
are guaranteed to overwinter. If they start growing but catch a disease, that is not plant health but their growing conditions (rainy spring, poor drainage, etc).
Exceptions: no warranty on any final sale items (any plants that are discounted by 30% or more are final sale).

All peonies are guaranteed to be free of the mosaic virus.

Mail order
Plants are guaranteed to arrive in good health. Bulbs should be dry and firm, no soft rotting spots. Peonies should have the appropriate number of eyes (buds).
Even final sale peony roots are guaranteed to be healthy upon arrival. If a final sale peony root arrived dried out, rotten, moldy, or otherwise damaged, I’ll refund or replace. You’ll be starting with a healthy root, even when it’s final sale. However, I won’t guarantee final sale roots to grow happily (I offer that guarantee on roots that are discounted less than 30%).


When your order is placed, the plants are reserved for you. Depending on the season and ordered quantity, there may be different deadlines for order cancellations.
Spring stock: if cancelling after March 31, there may be a 20% cancellation fee. No cancellation requests are accepted after April 20.
Fall stock: if cancelling after June 30, there may be a 20% cancellation fee. No cancellation requests are accepted after August 1.
Bulk orders (5+ per peony variety, 5+ total roses, small wholesale quantities of bulbs): once your order is confirmed, cancellation is about 1 week, unless specified otherwise.