News and Updates

September 8, 2022 update:

June 29, 2022 update:

May 31, 2022 update

If you place an order for spring, you don’t need to wait for any confirmation. All plants are already here, just stop by at an open time or ask for a different pick up time.

– No appointment needed during the open hours.
– If the hours above don’t work, please message/email/text me to request an alternative pick up time. I’ll try to accommodate your request when I can.

Location: 28 Withrod Dr Halifax (private home)
Cell phone: 902 412 8673

This is an after-work hobby.

Spring 2022 order pickups

May 15 update:

April 11 update:
28 Withrod Dr Halifax, NS. BY APPOINTMENT (private home).
902-412-8673 (cell)

Plants arriving around April 19-20. DELAYED, I’ll post an update when arrival dates are known.
I’ll confirm by Tuesday night (Apr.19) that these plants arrived.
Remaining plants are expected to arrive by May 1, if no delays.
Additional times: message me if these times don’t work for you.

April 6 update:

Fruit, shrubs, clematis & vines, roses arrive in the last week of April (tentatively). An update will be posted here and on the Facebook page

Peonies and bulbs, and packaged perennials: arrived already and can be picked up.


January 2022 update:

Plants arrive here from different growers, at different times. Bulbs in early April, roses and shrubs in late April. Some last plants may arrive in the first week of May.
Please check this page and/or my page on Facebook. When I receive a shipment of roses, I’ll post in both places. Bulbs – will post in both places. Shrubs, fruit – same thing.
Fall stock: September for bulbs, October for peonies.

Pick up times will also be posted on both pages. I have a full-time job, and this is (believe it or not) my after-work hobby. So pick up times will flow with my availability: usually 2-3 times a week, on weekday evenings + on Sunday morning. Come during any of the posted times without an appointment. Available pick up times will be posted in spring. There may be other people coming within the same 2-3-hour window. I don’t keep track of who is coming when, just make myself available for you to stop by in any of the evenings listed.
Address: 28 Withrod Dr, Halifax (within posted times or by appointment).

Shipping: Spring stock: April. Fall stock: September (bulbs) to October (peonies). When you receive an email that your order is completed, that is a sign that your parcel is packed and will be taken to the post office within a day or so.

Happy 2022 season!

The catalogue is opening in January. You can see plants gradually being added.
If any PEONIES for FALL 2022 planting show as “sold out”, that’s my way of saying they will be added in January. (The website doesn’t show “on backorder” visibly, so I have to use an alternative option).
However, if ROSES (or anything for SPRING 2022 availability) is sold out, then it is sold out indeed!


2021 updates:


November 28 update:

There are no set times for order pick-ups. 2021 season is finishing. I am still mailing last-minute requests; there are no delays anymore. Pick-ups are by appointment (I’m pretty flexible; it’s easier to be flexible with a couple of pick-ups a week compared to the high season).
28 Withrod Dr, Halifax (private home, by appointment).

2022 plants: about 10% of plants expected in spring have been added to the website. They can be ordered already. Some high demand plants may sell out before the New Years (possibly, some of the David Austin roses and the Hummingbird Yucca – those are already in low stock).
The remaining 2022 season plants should be added to the website sometime in January, as time allows.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and feedback regarding peony root quality. Happy growing, and have a great winter! Please share pictures of your blooms in spring 🙂

Oct 28 update:

Bulbs (including amaryllis) and peonies are available for pick up.
Thursdays 5-8 pm, Sundays 10 am-noon, other days by appointment.
28 Withrod Dr Halifax, 902-412-8673.

Oct 15 update: click here

There will be no email inviting you to pick up your order.

Plants marked as “Available now” can be picked up within the hours below or by appointment. Bulbs for fall planting are mailed out in mid-September to early October. Peonies for fall planting are mailed out in the second half of October.

Please check this page or our Facebook page in early-mid September for bulbs and late September for peonies. It will say what has arrived and list pick-up dates and times.
Address: private home at 28 Withrod Dr Halifax. Order pick-ups and visits are strictly within the hours listed or by appointment; no walk-ins, please.

Update of 2021/10/06:

Bulbs: All bulbs are here, please come over. Amaryllis is coming later in October.
Mail order: 70% of bulb orders mailed. Remaining ones should be en route within a week. Amaryllis is coming later in October.
Peonies: As mail orders will be prioritized, there will be no peony pick-ups until (tentatively) the week of October 18. Peonies are mailed out in the 3rd week of October to colder zones, and in late October to everyone else.

Update of 2021/09/20:

Fall shipping/pickups update: As peonies and bulbs start arriving, each of those will be marked on the website as available.
Some bulbs have arrived, others are coming in early October. Peonies are expected in early October.

Order deadline for earlier shipping: September 26. Orders placed after that date will be mailed after most earlier orders are fulfilled.

If you see on the website that all your plants are here, you can pick them up on any pick-up day. Mail orders are sent within a few days of plants becoming available.

My priority is to mail out all orders to colder areas by mid-October, where possible (unless plants are delayed).

We have supplies, a team, and a large room available and waiting for more plants to come in. As of right now (Sept 20), what becomes available is mailed our promptly, without delays.

Emails and messages won’t be responded in a timely manner in late September through late October, especially the ones asking for updates or information available on the website. Other emails will be responded to, but there will still be delays. Order packing will be prioritized to answering emails, since the ground freezes early in some areas. Thanks for your understanding.


Shipping is flat rate for any order size, anywhere in Canada. It won’t increase when you place an additional package of bulbs in your cart.

Fall 2021 pick-ups:

Address: private home at 28 Withrod Dr Halifax. Order pick-ups and visits are strictly within the hours listed.

Pick any day/time that works for you and come pick up your order then. There is no need to confirm when exactly you are coming, just be there within the opening hours.

Fall 2021: Thursdays 5-6 pm.
Additional times are usually posted here:
On other days: by appointment; please text to 902-412-8673 with the requested order pick-up time.

Address: private home at 28 Withrod Dr Halifax.

Please check here before coming, these hours may change. I try to keep the pick-up hours the same, but there may be unplanned circumstances. In that case, an update will be posted here and on the Facebook page.

Hours and days may differ from summer pick-ups.
Sunday morning pick-ups will very likely be available.
Additional evenings will be available during this busy time.
Information will be posted around mid-September on this page (the one you are reading) or Halifax Perennials Facebook page.

I have a full-time job, so in order to pack everyone’s orders after work, I won’t be able to respond to emails and phone calls during the busiest weeks (April-May and September-October). I might answer an urgent email like arranging an alternative pick-up day but there will still be delays. In the busy season I receive so many emails and messages each day that answering them would keep me busy after my main job until 1 am or so, so I choose to prioritize order packing over responding to emails. Most information and updates are posted on this page and on Halifax Perennials Facebook page; this way you can get most of the answers.

To add to your existing order (and avoid another shipping fee): 

If one order has been placed before and shipping is paid:
– place a new order 
select “pick up in Halifax” (to avoid another shipping fee) 
– on the checkout page add a note: “Ship with my order number 123456”. (This is important!) 

I will put both orders in one parcel and mail it all together. This can be cone for 2+ parcels shipping at the same time (both in spring or both in fall). However, if you would like a spring-shipping plant and a fall-shipping one, a separate shipping fee applies to each.

Shipping is flat rate, so if you pay it once (for fall delivery) there is no need to pay it once again.

Pick-up dates and times: ORDER PICK-UP DAYS (updated regularly).



For the map of areas that orders can be delivered to, please check here:

As large as it may seem, this is an after-work hobby of one mother.

2021 update: All the delivery trips have been made, and there won’t be additional trips until next spring (2022). As of now, additional requests for deliveries for spring 2021 are no longer accepted.



Plants are mailed only within Canada. This is a part-time hobby, and I have small kids and a full-time job, so we are very small for that amount of exporting paperwork; hence, no US orders, please. Thank you for your understanding.


Shipping is flat rate anywhere in Canada. Exceptions (for fall 2021): bulk peonies (packages of 15); those are priced separately.

Bare root plants (mail order)

Upon receiving your parcel, open the boxes immediately. Dormant bare root plants, once outside their storage at ideal temperature, have a very short shelf life. Please plant them as soon as you can; some perennials need to be planted within a day or two. If the garden is too cold, plant them temporarily in the pots or store briefly in a dark, cool place.

Storing and planting

Bulbs: avoid placing the package in a plastic bag. They need to breathe, and may get moldy if there is no air flow. Keep in the original packaging if unable to plant immediately.

Peonies (spring planting): plant as soon as possible; they can be planted in cold ground. Peonies need cold weather to establish their roots. Do not store until fall. The best location for spring-planted peonies would be an area with morning sun and afternoon shade (5-6 hours of sunlight daily).
Peonies (fall planting): this is the ideal time to plant peonies. Ideally, plant them as soon as you receive them. If necessary, peonies can be stored (the way they arrive: tightly packaged in peat moss, in a plastic bag without air access) for a week or two. I successfully stored peonies that I received in late September until Christmas. Our ground wasn’t frozen, and I planted them in late December.
Please note: if peonies stored longer than a few days get too dry (the bag was left open) or moldy (there was sunlight or warmth), I won’t refund or replace them. I guarantee the peonies to be healthy upon arrival and, when they flower, true to kind (if I sell you a Pastelegance, it won’t be blooming as Sarah Bernhardt). However, I won’t extend my warranty on improper storage. So open the package within a few days, message me immediately if anything is wrong, and then pack it up tightly if can’t plant immediately. Store in a cool area away from the sun. Plant in a sunny location (6+ hours of sunlight per day). If the peony root looks dryish from extended storage, soak it in cool water for 30-60 minutes prior to planting.