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A flat-rate shipping fee applies to:
– Bulbs, corms and bare root perennials: no limit. (Except wholesale orders by businesses.)
– Herbaceous and intersectional peonies: up to 5 roots. 1-year-old grafted tree peonies: same.
– Tree peonies that are 2+ years old: up to 3 plants.
– If you are ordering more than the amounts above, and your actual shipping costs me less than $10 extra, I won’t charge you that amount. You will pay only the flat rate fee.

The above applies to about 95% of all orders. No additional charge on shipping.

Additional shipping charge will apply at shipping time only to those orders that have more than the above listed quantities of peonies, and whose shipping would cost me more than $10 extra. From past experience, those are orders that are very large or those shipped to remote communities. I’ll contact you in fall. If you would like an estimate, send me an email with your postal code and the quantity of peonies.

When ordering peonies by mail, please pay the flat rate fee at the checkout.

To add to your existing mail order (and avoid another shipping fee): 

Shipping bulbs and peonies is flat rate for any order size, anywhere in Canada. It won’t increase when you place an additional package of bulbs in your cart.

If one order has been placed before and shipping is paid:
– place a new order 
select “pick up in Halifax” (to avoid another shipping fee) 
– on the checkout page add a note: “Ship with my order number NNN”. (This is important! Please list all orders that you want to be included in that parcel. If you forget, message me and I’ll add that note for you.) 


November 30, 2022:

David Austin roses will be added around March 1.




Delivery by truck throughout Nova Scotia:



Spring 2023 order pickups

In April onwards:
28 Withrod Dr Halifax, NS. BY APPOINTMENT (private home).
902-412-8673 (cell)

Please make sure your plants have arrived prior to coming. (Read below).

Plants arrive here from different growers, at different times. Bulbs and bare root perennials in early April, roses and shrubs in late April to the first week of May.
Please check this website and/or my page on Facebook. When I receive a shipment of roses, I’ll post in both places. Bulbs – will post in both places. Shrubs, fruit – same thing.
Fall stock: September for bulbs, October for peonies.

Pick up times will also be posted in both places: this website and Facebook. Pick up times will flow with my availability: usually 2-3 times a week, on weekday evenings + on Sunday morning. Come during any of the posted times without an appointment. Available pick up times will be posted in spring. There may be other people coming within the same 2-3-hour window. I don’t keep track of who is coming when, just make myself available for you all to stop by in those hours.
If the “open times” are inconvenient, drop me a line and we’ll agree on an alternative time.

Shipping: Spring stock: April. Fall stock: September (bulbs) to October (peonies). When you receive an email that your order is completed, that is a sign that your parcel is packed and will be taken to the post office within a day or so.