This year we ship only within Canada. My plan is to look into export requirements to USA one day (next year?), but this is a part-time hobby, and I have small kids and a full-time job, so for now I just didn’t get to that. Thank you for your understanding.


Shipping is $25 anywhere in Canada. Currently, we do not charge HST on any purchases or shipping. If this changes, we will update this page at least a week in advance.

Bare root plants

Upon receiving your parcel, open the boxes immediately. Dormant bare root plants, once outside their ideal temperature winter storage, have a very short shelf life. Please plant them as soon as you can; some perennials need to be planted within a day or two.

If you are in Halifax area, your order can be picked up in Halifax anytime after Easter.

(Spring delivery only) About 90% of our plants are available by mail. The ones that have “Container plant” or “Potted plant” note in the description cannot be mailed.

Container plants

Potted plants should be available after May 20. They won’t be mailed; please plan to pick up in Halifax. Some of them might be available by Mother’s Day, please ask about availability of specific varieties (weather dependent). Please note, our plants are not forced (started early) in the greenhouse, so most of them won’t have more leaves or flowers than shrubs and perennials in your own garden in late spring.

Mail order

Only bare root plants and young plants are available by mail order. We are shipping only to Canadian addresses. Plants grown in containers won’t be mailed. Please see section “Available by mail in spring” in our catalogue to see what plants can be mailed.

Picking up in person

We do not have a retail location. Plants can be picked up in Halifax, in the Armdale neighbourhood (within a 5-minute drive from Halifax Shopping Center).