Plants are mailed only within Canada. This is a part-time hobby, and I have small kids and a full-time job, so we are very small for that amount of paperwork. Thank you for your understanding.


Shipping is flat rate anywhere in Canada. Exceptions: bulk peonies, tree peonies, and (if we will be shipping them) roses.

Bare root plants (mail order)

Upon receiving your parcel, open the boxes immediately. Dormant bare root plants, once outside their winter storage at an ideal temperature, have a very short shelf life. Please plant them as soon as you can; some perennials need to be planted within a day or two. If the garden is too cold, plant them temporarily in the pots or store briefly in a dark, cool place.

If you are in Halifax area, your order can be picked up in Halifax in late April or the first week of May. Fall orders are usually available in late September (except a few varieties).

Delivery by truck in Halifax area

The following is NOT SET IN STONE, just a possible direction. Your feedback is welcome.
There will be a fee, and we can do only drop-off (no scheduling a time; we would schedule a day or a couple of days over which your order would be delivered).
The website won’t give you a SHIPPING OPTION “local delivery” (yet). The functionality is coming in the next month or so.

Timberlea, Lower Sackville, and Cole Harbour are on the list, and everything in-between. Maybe a couple of trips in May?
Eastern Passage, Mount Uniacke, Fall River, Beaver Bank, and Tantallon: possibly, one trip each?
Plus Sambro, Prospect, and Peggy’s Cove “if” there is enough interest.
Enfield/Shubenacadie: likely, one pick-up location, one trip, and only if there are at least a few orders.
Windsor, Wolfville, Kentville (and, possibly, Berwick): could meet close to a highway exit.
No trips in the summer. Just the high season in May or so.

Not sure about bare root raspberries and bare root roses though, as we might not be able to plan a drive soon enough. Bare root perennials that can be stored for a week or so are fine: packaged bulbs, for example. Ask when not sure; this is something new and will still need to be managed after the main job and with young kids. If the plant can be stored as is for at least a week, it can be delivered. It it needs to be planted in a day or two, we won’t get it to you early enough. So, anything can be delivered, except bare root fruit plants and bare root roses (and anything else that is very much perishable if not planted promptly).

Feedback is welcome, as WE ARE STILL SHAPING THIS IDEA.

Container plants

Potted plants won’t be mailed; please plan to pick up in Halifax. In spring 2021 we are planning to offer delivery by truck in Halifax area and beyond. Some of the potted plants might be available by Mother’s Day, please ask about availability of specific varieties (weather dependent). Please note, our plants are not forced (started early) in the greenhouse, so most of them won’t have more leaves or flowers than shrubs and perennials in your own garden in late spring.

Picking up in person

We do not have a retail location. Plants can be picked up in Halifax, in the Armdale neighbourhood (within a 5-minute drive from Halifax Shopping Center).