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Seafeed Fertilizer (seaweed)


Advanced Soil Nutrition

Boosts the growth, resilience, and yields of everything in your garden. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor gardener, Seafeed works with the fertilizers you already use to help you grow brighter, healthier flowers and improve the yield and taste of your vegetables and other crops.

Seafeed helps home gardeners:
– Increase yields and productivity
– Boost soil health sustainably, without resorting to harmful chemicals
– Improve plant resistance to drought, heat, pests, and disease
– Get better performance from your fertilizer
– Grow the tastiest fruit and veg, and the brightest flowers

100% organic and natural plant superfood hand-foraged by local farmers on the beaches around Tignish, PEI. Seafeed is a ground meal made from four kinds of Atlantic seaweed:
50% Furcellaria lumbricalis – Fufu
25% Chondrus crispus – Irish moss
12.5% Fucus vesiculosus – Rockweed
12.5% Laminariaceae – Kelp

Biostimulants are soil and plant health enhancers that ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to thrive.
They help keep your soil’s microbiome healthy and balanced. Biostimulants improve the plant’s ability to collect nutrients from the soil and use them more efficiently and increase plant resilience to stressors like drought, excess heat, frost and pests. They also contribute to improved crop yields and quality.

Available in 300g and 1kg packages