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Jasmine Vine (1-gallon pot). Can be used in tea!

Jasmine Vine. Flowers can be used in tea! Blooms all summer.
Clusters of 3 – 8 small white very fragrant flowers early summer to mid fall. This vigorous semi-evergreen grower will happily ramble through shrubs or trees, or given support, can be planted on a wall, fence or arbor. A hard pruning in late winter will not inhibit flowering. Alternatively, prune to shape. A mature height of 15-30′(5-10m) can be expected.

NOT winter-hardy in Nova Scotia. Protect from elements or bring indoors for the winter.
Jasminum officinale
Flower Color: White
Flower Form: In Clusters
Flowering Period: Summer-Fall
Mature Height: 12-20′(3.5-6m)
Pruning Requirement: Prune to Shape
Planting Aspect: Full Sun
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 7
Fragrant: Yes
Suitable As Ground Cover: Yes

Plant size: 1-gallon pot.
Pick up in Halifax in early May 2021.
Not available by mail order.