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Delivery by truck in Nova Scotia

Select “Pick up in Halifax” and add this fee to your cart. I will know that your order won’t be picked up. Clumsy website. Sorry.


Where do we deliver?

Deliveries by truck to your door ANYWHERE in NS except Cape Breton. Timeline: May 2023.


What plants can be delivered?

Any potted plants from perennials in pots to roses, shrubs and trees can be delivered.


Spring-planting bulbs and bare root perennials (ranunculus, hollyhock roots, peonies, etc) will need to be planted in early spring, so cannot be included in the truck delivery of roses in late May. Select “by mail” for bulbs and tubers; shipping is even cheaper than delivery by truck.

If you would like some bulbs and some shrubs or roses, those will be two separate fees: mail order for bulbs and delivery by truck for potted plants. They can’t all go on the truck, as bulbs will rot while waiting for roses to become available for delivery.


When will your plants be delivered to you?

There will probably be only one run in each direction in Nova Scotia. Therefore, I will be waiting for additional delivery requests until about mid-May. Deliveries will happen approximately between May 15 and 31. When all orders to, for example, Eastern Shore are delivered, there won’t be additional deliveries in that direction for the rest of the season.

Deliveries to Halifax-Dartmouth-Sackville are open all season. I usually try to deliver within a week of order being placed, but sometimes there are delays. Potted plants are delivered from early-mid May until early September.


Sometimes I take kids for a day trip in the summer. If you are ordering a couple of plants after the delivery cut-off, feel free to email or phone me to check if we may be in your area anytime soon. Deliveries outside of the regular schedule are not guaranteed or promised unless I confirm.



How many plants are covered in one delivery?

Up to a work van full of plants. If we need to make two trips delivering just your order, there will be an additional charge. For example, about 40 shrubs that are up to 3 ft tall can be delivered in one load. If we are delivering 5-ft trees, there will be fewer of them per trip.



Other important notes:

Please make sure that your address and phone number on the order are correct. If you are leaving only work phone, we are sometimes not able to reach you on a short notice to notify about a delivery. A cell phone would be helpful.


We’ll use GPS. If your street or house is difficult to find, please add instructions on the checkout page. And a cell phone number, just in case.




Select “Pick up in Halifax” and add this fee to your cart. I will know that your order won’t be picked up. Clumsy website. Sorry.


Please check the distance to your home from B3N1A8.


Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford (up to 15 km from B3N1A8): $50
No minimum order.


Lr. Sackville, Timberlea, Hatchet Lake, West Larry Uteck Blvd, Bedford, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage (up to 20 km from B3N1A8): $60
No minimum order.


Upper Sackville, Fall River, Mount Uniacke, Musquodoboit Harbour, Peggy’s Cove, Tantallon (up to 30 km from B3N1A8): $80
No minimum order.


All other towns along highway 3 or 103 to Bridgewater/Lunenburg, hwy 1 or 101 to Berwick, hwy 2 or 102 to Truro, order delivered to your door.
–Within 5 minutes of the highway exit: $100
No minimum order.
–Within 10-15 minutes of the highway exit: $140
Minimum order: $300.
–If you are in the “gray zone”, i.e. 5-10 minutes away, choose one of each: a lower delivery fee, but a higher order value. Or call me to check.

All other areas in NS, except Cape Breton: $200, delivered to your door.
Minimum order: $500.


Cape Breton folks: we can meet in Antigonish or near Canso Causeway.


If you are not sure what your option is, please choose one that is relatively close, and add a note on the checkout page: “Let me know if I owe you anything extra for delivery”. This may be useful if you want to place the order soon before something sells out, and figure out the difference later.

Placing an order for delivery and not paying delivery fee on it makes it difficult for me to find your order, so please select at least something, or there may be delays.

You can order more and say “please deliver with my other order” as long as the name matches on both orders and I can easily locate the other order. No need to pay another delivery fee.