Plant Care

Bare root plants are stored in ideal moisture and temperature conditions over the winter. They arrive to us in temperature-controlled trucks. Once they are here, they are briefly stored in cool temperature while we mail them within a day or two.

Once you receive your bare root order (by mail or in person, in Halifax), open all boxes and bags to let the air in. Try to plant within a day, at most two. If your garden is not ready yet, have pots and soil prepared to temporarily plant your perennials.

Once outside of their ideal winter storage, dormant bare root plants sense that it is time to “wake up”. If not timely planted, they lose their health and strength, and may die. Some plants, like canna, peonies, lilies, and some others, can be stored in a cool location for about a week, if necessary; keep the bags open to let the air in, and check them every 3-4 days. Others, like hellebores, should be planted within a day or two of their arrival.