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Tree peony Qiui (Species)

Tree peony Qiui (Species)

“Mostly in deciduous broad-leaved forests, rarely on sunny grassy slopes, on limestone rocks or cliffs, at altitudes of 1,000—2,200 m. Confined to W Henan (Xixia County) and W Hubei (Baokang County and Shennongjia).

To date, Paeonia qiui has been found in only four localities. Three of the four remaining populations were found on cliffs and comprised only a few individuals. It is surely the most endangered species in Paeonia, on the verge of extinction, and therefore effective measures must be undertaken urgently to conserve the species. Prof LI Zhen-Yu informed me recently that he saw this species with certainty in Zhuxi County of Hubei Province.”

More information: https://www.peonysociety.eu/species/shrubs/moutan-2/qiui/

Pictures of Qiui: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1216285451864393/search/?q=qiui