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Mail order fee for Roses and Clematis (SKU 1090)


1. I mail roses, clematis, and small trees only to: Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario (East and Southwest). Shipping to other provinces is cost-prohibitive.

2. Add your plants to the cart.

3. Add this fee to your cart. Select an option below, depending on the size of your order.

4. On the checkout page, DON’T select “by mail in Canada”. Instead, select “Pick up in Halifax”. Your order will be mailed.

5. If you would like peonies or bulbs, mailed, please create a separate order for them and use the regular shipping fee on the checkout page (not this fee).

I am a very, very small company. One mom, sometimes with a helper. So my shipping rules differ from what large companies may offer.

What plants can be mailed?
Roses and vines (clematis, jasmine, etc). Tree-shaped roses can be mailed, too. If you would like some other plants mailed, please send me an email, and I will decide case-by-case. Some young trees (magnolias) can be mailed, for example.

Are plants mailed potted or bare root?
Most plants will be mailed with damp soil and a plastic bag around their roots, no pot.

Mailed in early to mid-May.
Emails received in April or early May asking “Why has my plant not arrived yet?” will be ignored.

Upon arrival, unwrap and set the plant in partial sunlight for a day or so (a couple of hours or morning or evening sun, or a day in dappled shade). Don’t expose to bright sun immediately; the plant has been in a dark box for a couple of days, so it’s better to introduce it to the sun gradually, over a day or two, to avoid the foliage getting burned.
Soak for a couple of hours and plant within a day or so.

Notify or any problems within 2 days of arrival, with details and pictures, where possible. The plant may look somewhat sad after the trip but should bounce back to normal within a week or so. If there are any concerns, please notify me immediately and then wait to see if it goes back to normal.

Plants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. They are guaranteed to grow happily for a month; this time is sufficient to see whether the plant arrived healthy. I won’t guarantee its new growing conditions after that. Please do your research as to what growing conditions each plant requires.


The checkout page may say “Plant ABC in your cart cannot be mailed”. If all your plants are “mailable” as per the explanation above,┬ájust ignore that notification.