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Spring 2023

Mail order fee for Roses, Clematis, Fruit, and Shrubs


Shipping fee for Roses, Clematis, and Shrubs

If adding this fee, DON’T select “by mail in Canada” at checkout. That would add peony and bulb shipping fee on top of your rose shipping fee.
Instead, add THIS fee in your cart and select “Pick up in Halifax”. Your order WILL be mailed.


Please read attentively

I am a very, very small company. One mom, sometimes with a helper. So my shipping rules differ from what large companies may offer.

This shipping option is only for plants that are not dormant, or may have foliage at shipping time, or dormant but have a very short shelf life (bare root roses, fruit, etc).


What plants can be shipped?

This shipping fee can be used for potted and bare root perennials, vines (clematis, jasmine, etc), and shrubs. I won’t mail trees.
Tree-form roses and shrubs: roses will be mailed, but not other tree-form (standard) plants, due to their size.

Bare root perennials (including peonies and tree peonies) and bulbs can be mailed anywhere in Canada. For these, just follow the usual checkout process and select the “shipping” option. No need to add THIS fee to the cart, shipping will be calculated automatically. (It’s actually flat rate). They cannot be combined with a shipment of potted plants, since they are mailed earlier.


To what locations can Roses, Clematis, and Shrubs be mailed?

Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario (East and Southwest). These locations generally take less than a week for a regular speed parcel.
In 2023 I won’t be mailing potted plants and bare root roses to Central and Western Canada: Thunder Bay or anywhere west of it.

If you would like your plants mailed to other locations, there is a fast option and a budget option. Please do the following:
– DO add this shipping fee (to cover part of the expense).
– On the checkout page, please specify your shipping speed preference.
Option 1: slow. You would waive my warranty and request the plants mailed with the slow option at your own risk. Winnipeg and Calgary: about 6 business days, small towns in the boondocks in central Canada: add another day or two; Vancouver and area: about 9 business days. Shipping cost will be a little more, but not much (depends on the location and number of plants, of course). Difference in costs will billed at shipping time.
Option 2: Specify that you prefer fast shipping (2-4 days anywhere in Canada). These costs are much higher, sometimes $300 per parcel, if mailed beyond Ontario. Difference in costs will be billed at shipping time.


How much does shipping cost?

Minimum order: 2 plants.
Shipping: $90 (Covers up to 4 plants).
Large quantities: please contact me with your address and a list of plants for a quote.


What warranties are offered?

Upon arrival, unwrap and set the plant in part shade for a day or so (a couple of hours or morning or evening sun, or a day in dappled shade). Don’t expose to direct sun immediately; the plant has been in darkness for a couple of days, so it’s better to introduce it to the sun gradually, over a day or two, to avoid the foliage getting burned.

If the pot seems light and the soil is dry, water well.

Notify or any problems within 2 days of arrival, with details and pictures, where possible. The plant may look somewhat sad after the trip but should bounce back to normal within a week or so. If there are any concerns, please notify me immediately and then wait to see if it goes back to normal.

Plants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. They are guaranteed to grow happily for a month; this time is sufficient to see whether the plant arrived healthy. I won’t guarantee its growing conditions. Please do your research as to what growing conditions each plant requires.


Are plants mailed potted or bare root?

I will try to keep the pots on the plants in most cases. However, roses may be mailed with damp soil and a plastic bag around their roots instead of the pot.



 – Add your items into the cart.
 – Add this shipping fee into the cart.
 – On the checkout page select “Pick up in Halifax”. This is to avoid another shipping fee (which is applicable only to bulbs and corms).

Mailed in late April to early May.

If bulbs/peonies/corms/bare root perennials are requested, please send them as a separate order, without this shipping fee. Use “By mail in Canada” on the checkout page for those.


You can add a note on the checkout page if you want to try fitting another plant or two in your parcel (and skip the pots). This might be doable with smaller pots, for example, fruit in 1-gallon pot.

Cutoff will be sometime *around* mid-May, depending on the weather and number of orders at that time. If it’s busy or the weather gets very warm, ordering may close in early May. At that time I will mark this shipping option as “sold out”, or no longer available for the year.

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