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Saffron Crocus (grown in CANADA. Size 9/10) – 10 bulbs

Crocus sativus – saffron crocus (fall-flowering crocus)
10 bulbs
Bulb size: 9/10

Grown in Canada

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Plant in late August through October. Blooms in October.
Can be used as a decorative plant or grown for spice.

A lot of recipes call for keeping saffron in water for 30 minutes prior to use. In fact, the aroma is stronger when you keep it in the water for 12-24 hours so then you need less of the spice itself.
The spice needs to be dried in good sun or in a dehydrator and then cured for a few weeks. Fresh off the plant there is no taste, the aromatic substance starts building up when the dry spice is being cured (stored dry). It’s usually ready by Christmas if collected fresh in fall.