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Spring 2023

Red raspberries “Encore”. Bare root, nearly thornless.


Red raspberries “Encore”. Bare root

3 canes: $36 ($12 ea)
5 canes: $50 ($10 ea)
10 canes: $75 ($7.50 ea)
Late-season variety. Winter hardy, vigorous, large size berry. Produces above average commercial fruit yields.
Nearly thornless.

Pick up around April 28-30.

No local delivery, since bare root raspberries need to be planted (or temporarily potted up) within 1-2 days. We won’t be able to do deliveries while being home for pickups.



If you scratch the stem with your fingernail and it is green, the plant is alive. Anne is one of the slowest raspberries to show any growth in spring; this is normal. Continue watering as described below. You will still have berries this same summer and fall (not as abundant as in year 2 onwards).

Twice a week check the soil for dampness (not the surface, but about 1″ to 2″ under the soil surface).
If dry, water deeply, let it take in, water again.
If wet, skip the watering until next time.
Continue until the last days of August. Do not water in fall unless it is very hot and dry.
During the very dry and hot spells you may want to check it every 2-3 days instead of twice a week.
This is only in the first year. From the second year onwards, water during hot spells to avoid fruit loss.

Raspberries can grow in dappled sun or part shade, under the trees. You will still get sweet berries. However, berries will be larger, sweeter and more abundant if raspberries are grown in full sun, with no trees or shrubs competing for space, in soft soil that is rich with compost.

Soil must be well-draining. Don’t plant in areas that remain soggy/swampy after all other areas have dried up.

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