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Mother’s Choice Peony. Fragrant! (APS Gold Medal Winner)

Mother’s Choice peony produces very large, fragrant flowers. Great in a bridal bouquet!

Breathtaking cream-white blossoms of Mother’s Choice peony make it a well-paid cut flower.  Awards: APS Gold Medal (1994).

3-5 eye root
Hybridizer: Glasscock, 1950
Height: 3 ft
Bloom time: mid-late
Hardiness zone: 2
Fragrant: yes!

Peonies should be grown in a full sun, well draining location. Plant peony roots in humus-rich soil and cover the roots with 1-2 inches of dirt; when planted too deep they won’t flower. A peony plant can live for 50 years or longer and requires little care. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid peonies.