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2024 Fall
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The Mackinac Grand Peony. Fragrant, strong stems, awards

Mackinac Grand Peony (Reath, D.L., 1992)

Herbaceous hybrid; early midseason. Huge red flowers, fragrant, strong stems.

Ruffled brilliant orange red hybrid with three or four rows of guard petals, all ruffled. Very fertile as a pod and pollen parent. Fragrant.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM)
APS Gold Medal winner 2013

On sunny days blooms exhibit a gamut of modulated red, from deep shades in the shadows to fiery red highlights and the sparkle of sunlight from the petal’s gloss. From afar, the colour has great carrying power and always attracts attention. A strong grower and reliable bloomer; performance improves with age and stem increase.

3-5-eye root