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2024 Fall

Lavender Hill Tree Peony (fragrant, winter-hardy)


Lavender Hill Tree Peony (Seidl, 1996)
American rockii-suffruticosa lineage hybrid. (Rock’s Variety x Kamata-fuji).

Many petaled semi-double lavender petals and stamens, dark purple flares. Petals are creped and ruffled.

Plants are heavy bloomers and flower carriage is very good. Very hardy and always consistent. Fertile both ways. One of the most popular woody peonies and worthy of any garden.

Sturdy stems
Grows to 4 feet and 5 feet wide after 10 years
Early bloom

Recommended for cold winter climates.
May be hardy to USDA zone 3b.

Plant size: 3-year old graft

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