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“Moonlight” Climbing Hydrangea (shade-tolerant) – final sale


Japanese Climbing Hydrangea “Moonlight”

A superb self-clinging vine with huge, creamy white lacecap hydrangea-like blooms. As the vine matures, the fragrant flowers will increase in abundance.

An attractive climber for walls and fences or to grow through large trees. Large silver-gray leaves that turn to orange-red in the fall. The 9″ (23cm) clusters of flowers are ringed by flat lacy white bracts in late summer. Best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. Little or no pruning is needed. If pruning to shape, prune in early spring. Prune hard if controlled height is desired.

Mature Height: 6-40′(2-12m)
USDA Zone 4


Plant size: 1-gallon pot
The vine is 2-3 ft at time of pickup/delivery


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