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Hanakisoi Tree Peony (for Spring 2021)


Hanakisoi Tree Peony (Japanese: ‘Floral Rivalry’) brings more flowers every year and reaches 5 feet height at maturity. The plant covered with very large, 6-8″ apricot-pink flowers will be a showstopper in any garden, as tree peonies are not as common as herbaceous ones.

Cut flowers are quite thirsty, and will last longer if stem is cut about 2 inches under the flower. Replenish water daily.

Size when mature (about 10 years): 3-5 ft tall by 4 ft wide.
Position: Full sun to part shade; shelter from wind.
Hardiness zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Tree peonies tend to bloom earlier than most common herbaceous peonies. Branches do not die back to the ground in winter.

Tree peonies do not respond well to transplanting and take time to get established. They are developing deep, substantial root system that will help the peony to bloom. Add compost topping each fall to fertilize the soil.

Tree peonies are deer resistant.

A peony can live for 50 years or more.

Available for spring 2021.
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Plant the graft union (where the thick root is joined with the thinner top) 6″ below the soil. 

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