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Campfire Rose (hardy to -39C). 2-gallon pot.

Campfire rose grows to be about 3 feet tall at maturity. Reblooms throughout the summer. Remove spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

Roses are heavy feeders. Top-dress with 1-2 inches of compost in the spring and again in the summer.

Campfire rose has been developed in Manitoba and has excellent winter hardiness.


Available as a bare root plant or in pots. Won’t be mailed. Pick up in Halifax.

Bare root pick-up: Bare root plants need to be picked up and planted within 2-3 days of their arrival to us. Tentatively, in the first week of May, but may vary by a couple of days. A notification of roses arriving will be posted on our Facebook page about 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Roses can be planted in the garden in early May; they are hardy and won’t mind an occasional night freeze.
If you might not be able to pick up and plant your rose promptly, consider selecting “potted plant” option instead.

Planting information and growing guide:

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