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Fall-Planting Peonies
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Anika peony (blooms at least 2 weeks before tenuifolia)

Anika peony (blooms at least 2 weeks before tenuifolia)

Single. Parentage: P. mlokosewitchii x unknown (probably P. mascula). First bloomed 1991.

The flower is white with dark pink veins, 5-6 inches across in size. It has stamens, pollen and seeds, very reliable. It grows 2 feet in height, with good stem strength.

Very early, at least two weeks ahead of P. tenuifolia. When this plant starts growing, the stems and leaves are red; as the buds start to mature, the foliage turns green. In the Fall, the foliage turns pink, red, orange and pale green. The leaves are nearly round, much like P. mlokosewitchii.

When in bud, it has withstood temperatures of 17°F (-8°C). without any bud damage.

An outstanding peony. A must-have in every true peony lover’s collection.

3-5-eye root