Please check back in January-February 2021 for a nice long list of rare tree peonies. Some of them may not be available elsewhere in Canada.
This is a plan of what I would like to do.
First (in January to early February 2021), a wide selection of varieties would be available. You would be able to choose from a good number of rare tree peonies. That would be the “long list”.
Then, sometime in February-March 2021 we would need to send our order to the grower. We’ll ask the grower to reserve for us your selected varieties, as well as some extra plants for our stock. Halifax Perennials is a small after-office-work hobby run by one person, so I can’t order for my stock all varieties that are available anywhere (though sometimes I wish!). So after out order with the grower is placed, only varieties that were pre-ordered by gardeners plus a few varieties of our choice would be available for fall 2021 (“short list”).
In 2020, we offered 12 varieties in our “short list”. Still a nice selection. Of these, 8 varieties were sold out by July 2020. So order early to reserve the plants of your choice.
These peonies would be mailed (Canada only) or can be picked up in Halifax in fall 2021.
2020 prices were in the range of $170-$210.
2021 prices may change.
For now we don’t charge HST on any purchases.
Size: bare root plant, 1-year old grafts. Most of these bloom on the second spring in the ground, some may even bloom on the first spring.
Check our Facebook page for updates. Once the long list is posted or the deadline is known, an update would be posted there:

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Silver Sails Tree Peony (Saunders) (Fall 2021) (In stock in Feb 2021)

Silver Sails Tree Peony Silver yellow flowers, heavily blooming. Grown without use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Cultivar: lutea hybrid Bloom time: late-season (compared to other tree peonies) Growth habit at maturity (10 years old): 3.5′ tall and 3′ wide, upright and slightly spreading habit. Hybridiser: Saunders, 1940 Hardiness zone: 4-9 Plant size: Will likely bloom its second spring in the ground. Available by mail in fall 2021. Or pick up in Halifax.