Plant care

Bare root plants are stored in ideal moisture and temperature conditions over the winter. They arrive to us in temperature-controlled trucks. Once they are here, they are briefly stored in cool temperature while we mail them within a day or two.

Once you receive your bare root order (by mail or in person, in Halifax), open all boxes and bags to let the air in. Try to plant within a day, at most two. If your garden is not ready yet, have pots and soil prepared to temporarily plant your perennials.

Once outside of their ideal winter storage, dormant bare root plants sense that it is time to “wake up”. If not timely planted, they lose their health and strength, and may die. Some plants, like canna, peonies, lilies, and some others, can be stored in a cool location for about a week, if necessary; keep the bags open to let the air in, and check them every 3-4 days. Others, like hellebores, should be planted within a day or two of their arrival.

Plant origin

Red and black currants, as well as one red raspberry variety are grown by us. We do not use chemical fertilizers or insecticides. These plants are currently available only locally, as we dig them out of our garden in spring and offer them as potted plants.

Other plants come from Holland, USA, and different places in Canada.

Below is an image of Chief Black Hawk intersectional peony that we brought directly from a grower. As you can see, there are at least five buds (“eyes”). For each peony, in the plant description on our website there is information on the size of the root. Some peonies are “3-5 eye root”; they may bloom the first summer, but will most definitely bloom the second year. Smaller, “2-3 eye root” plants may need a year or two to bloom. Still, they are nice varieties, and we try to offer competitive prices, too.


We give two-year warranty on the plant being true to variety, since some plants won’t bloom the first year. If your plant is not true to variety, we’ll replace or refund it. Having said this, a good number of peonies we offer come directly from growers, in order to offer the freshest roots and minimize any chances of plant mismatch. We bring plants only from companies with long-standing reputation.

Warranty on plants growing well is two months if planted timely. Upon arrival, inspect the plants and let us know within two days if there are any issues. When planted or potted within two days, all flowers are guaranteed to grow well. You should be able to see growth within a couple of weeks, so two months gives a little extra time for the peace of mind. Warranty is voided on peonies, cannas, daylilies and lilies if not planted within 10 days. Warranty on all other plants is voided if they are not planted within 2 days. Unfortunately, due to different growing conditions and care, we cannot extend our warranty beyond two months.

Caring for peonies in the first year

Peonies like to be planted in fall. They grow their thin feeder roots better in cool weather. Then they have more strength for the next year.

We can mimic these ideal conditions for peonies planted in spring by planting them in a pot or in the garden, in a shady location. They need to receive some sun but be protected from heat. Immediately after summer heat, in mid-August or early September, depending on your climate, the peony can be transplanted to its permanent location. By doing so, you are helping the peony to build up strength for the next year.

If a peony is planted in a full sun location in spring, it may not grow as quickly the first year.

Plant peonies 1-2 inches deep; planting them deeper will prevent them from blooming.


If you are a business, send us a note for our wholesale catalogue. We are a small business, so most items we offer wholesale would come in packages of 5, 10, or 20, with a few exceptions.

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