Mail Order Information

Mail Order Timeline

Fall-shipping peonies are mailed in October. Orders to colder zones are prioritized.

Fall-shipping bulbs are mailed in late September through early October.

Spring-shipping perennials (except peonies), corms, and bulbs are mailed in late March through late April, with some late orders leaving in May.

Spring-shipping peonies are mailed in April and early May. Peonies planted in spring may be growing somewhat slowly in the first year or two. Plant them in cold soil as soon as you receive them. Planting in the heat of the summer is the worst you can do to a peony root, so if May is warm where you live, you may want to avoid ordering peonies in the last minute for spring shipping. Instead, order for fall planting (best for peony health) or very early in spring (so that I can mail them to you early).

No plants are mailed between late May and early September.

Flat-rate shipping:

A flat-rate shipping fee applies to:
– Bulbs, corms and bare root perennials: no limit. (Except wholesale orders by businesses.)
– Herbaceous and intersectional peonies: up to 5 roots. 1-year-old grafted tree peonies: same.
– Tree peonies that are 2+ years old: up to 3 plants.
– If you are ordering more than the amounts above, and you owe me less than $10 extra for shipping, I won’t collect that amount. You will pay only the flat rate fee.

The above applies to about 95% of all orders. No additional charge on shipping.

Additional shipping charge will apply at shipping time only to those orders that have more than the above listed quantities of peonies, and whose shipping would cost me more than $10 extra. From past experience, those are orders that are very large or those shipped to remote communities. I’ll contact you in fall. If you would like an estimate, send me an email with your postal code and the quantity of peonies.

When ordering peonies by mail, please pay the flat rate fee at the checkout.