~~ This hobby-business is run part-time
by a working mom who loves bright flowers. ~~

All bare root plants are available in mid-April or in fall and can be mailed throughout Canada. For now, Save-the-Tax offer is on!

Any available plants can be picked up in Halifax.
Plants that can be mailed are sorted into a separate category. If you go to the main page (https://halifaxperennials.ca/) there will be a category at the top that will say “available by mail”. Other items cannot be mailed. We don’t ship outside Canada.

Wholesale pricing is available (businesses only, please), as well as discounts for private gardeners for large orders (please enquire which items and quantities qualify). That is, mostly, for large projects.

Love the selection? Leave a comment! Looking for a plant that is not available elsewhere (especially a peony!!)? Send me a note, and I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your day!

P. S. On the picture you can see my helpers playing with dirt and enjoying themselves. No child labour involved! Haha. The younger two were there for a few minutes and then went to our garden to “dig for the Earth’s core,” as they said. The older one likes to earn his pocket money. He grows his own plants for sale. With that, he is learning to estimate cost, potential profit, and risks, as well as applying his math skills to real-world problems.