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Highbush Blueberry Patriot

Early variety. Large, firm fruit.
More tolerant of heavier/wetter soils than other varieties.
2 varieties required for pollination. 
Available in spring 2021.
1-gallon container.
Peony Itoh Bartzella

Bartzella Itoh Peony

Yellow peony Bartzella is our best selling Itoh peony! Fully double, large flowers and disease-resistant foliage. Does not last long as a cut flower; instead, try floating a flower in a bowl with water. A rare yellow peony. Strong stems that don't require staking. Colour: Yellow Flower size: Large, double Fragrant: yes Bloom time: midseason Height: 3' Width: 3'-4' Hardiness: 4, 5, 6, 7
Peony Raspberry Sundae

Raspberry Sundae Peony

Raspberry Sundae peony is our best seller! Incredibly showy, large flowers with mild fragrance. 3-5 eye root Colour: Pink, white, and yellow Flower size: Large Fragrant: Yes (soft, sweet) Bloom time: early-mid Height: 2.5-3 ft Width: 2.5-3 ft Hardiness: 3 Bare root plant. Pick up in Halifax in fall or can be mailed to a Canadian address.

“Anne” raspberries, everbearing

Yellow raspberry, everbearing. Variety: "Anne". Brings two crops: summer and early fall. Current size of the plant: 1-gallon pot.        
Peony Festiva Maxima, a fragrant, deer resistant garden plant.

Festiva Maxima Peony

Festiva Maxima Peony is another garden favourite! Huge double blooms with an occasional tinge of crimson or pink make it a great garden plant and cut flower. Plant early, midseason, and late varieties to extend peony bloom time to 6 weeks. Bloom time: early. Awards: Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Spacing: 2-3 ft. Height: 3 ft. Hardiness zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Festiva Maxima peony is deer and rabbit resistant, as are all peonies.  

Francois Ortegat Peony

Sold out for 2020. Expected for spring 2021 (by mail or pick up in Halifax). ************************* Francois Ortegat peony is one of our three top best selling peonies! Dark red peonies are rarely fragrant; peony Francois Ortegat is a wonderful exception. Rarely offered heirloom French peony. Comparable price: $38 to $45 2-3 eye root Colour: deep magenta, deep purple crimson Fragrant: Yes Bloom time: mid-late Height: 2.5 ft Width: 2.5 ft Hardiness: 4, 5, 6, 7

Everbearing Raspberry (5 plants)

Red raspberry, everbearing (5 plants). Variety: "Heritage". Two crops: summer and early fall. 5 for $30 ($6 each)      

Lemon Chiffon Peony

Lemon Chiffon Peony is a great specimen plant. This is an early blooming variety. To extend blooming time of peonies in your garden, plant early, midseason and late-blooming peonies. This way your peonies will bloom for 6 weeks, one after the other. Flowers of Lemon Chiffon peony are a special treat in bouquets. Cut them at the stage when the bud just slightly opens and is soft to touch; they can last for a week or longer in a vase. Avoid cutting more than a third of stems off your peony in one season, as when too many stems are removed, the plant weakens. All peonies are deer and rabbit resistant and can thrive for 50 years or more. Bloom time: early
Peony White Cap

White Cap Peony

$51.00 $42.00
3-5 eye roots. Available for fall 2020 (by mail or pick up in Halifax). Bare root plants.

Belle Toulousaine Itoh Peony

$85.00 $65.00
Belle Toulousaine Itoh Peony. A rarely offered variety. Large flowers, no mechanical support needed. Deer resistant. Colour: glowing magenta pink Flower size: large Fragrant: mildly Tall peony with large flowers. Bloom time: midseason Height: 3-4 ft Width: 3-4 ft Hardiness: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Blueberry Top Hat (patio variety, self-fertile)

 Dwarf variety. Good in containers or garden border plantings. Midseason.
Self-pollinating variety.
Available in spring 2021.
1-gallon container.
Fruit - Blackberry

Blackberry Chester (thornless)

Thornless blackberry Chester is a well-behaved garden variety. It forms a clump of canes and does not spread all over the garden. Late season variety. Large berries. Hardy in Nova Scotia, but could use some protection. 1-gallon pots. Available for spring 2021.    

Itoh Peony Gordon E. Simonson

$130.00 $95.00
Itoh Peony Gordon E. Simonson Comparable price: $150-350 Collector peony. Flowers are twice the size of other Itoh peonies. We have just a few of these. Colour: Purple Flower size: very large, double. Fragrant: yes Bloom time: midseason Height: 2-2.5 ft Width: 3 ft Hardiness: 4, 5, 6, 7

Coral Sunset Peony

Fragrant, fast grower, thick stems. Awards: American Peony Society Gold Medal 2003, Award of Landscape Merit 2009 3-5 size roots. Available for fall.

Green Lotus Peony

$65.00 $55.00
Green Lotus peony is an exotic peony that adds interest in the garden or a bouquet. Very showy and floriferous! Green Lotus peony does not require mechanical support; flowers hold well on strong stems. Hybridizers: William Krekler; Roy G. Klehm Height: 2-2.5 ft Bloom time: early Fragrant: mildly Peonies should be grown in a full sun, well draining location. Plant peony roots in humus-rich soil and cover the roots with 1-2 inches of dirt; when planted too deep they won't flower. A peony plant can live for 50 years or longer and requires little care. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid peonies.  
peony officinalis rosea plena

Peony Officinalis Rosea Plena (for Spring 2021)

Sold out for 2020. Expected to be in stock for spring 2021 (by mail or pick up in Halifax). Please check back in January/February. One of the earliest peonies to bloom. Double, bright rose-pink blossoms. Height: 2.5 ft Width: 2.5-3 ft Hardiness: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Bloom time: early  

Summer Glow Peony (Court of Honor winner)

Breathtaking colour, extraordinary in all kinds of shades of champagne and pastel. A rare beauty. Slow to propagate, and for that reason rarely offered. Exhibition quality, has been several times a Court of Honor winner at national shows. Does not need its stems supported. Hybridizer: Don Hollingsowth, 1992. Plant size: bare root, 3-5 eye roots.

A peony (unknown variety! Surprise)

A beautiful peony that lost its name tag. No HST on any purchases. Pick up in Halifax (anytime until October) or available by mail in fall.
black currant

Black currant Crandall

$32.00 $27.00
Black currants are prized for their distinctive flavour. Great for fresh eating, preserves, and pies. Loads of vitamins! Leaves can be used in tea. 1-gallon pots. Self-pollinating.

A peony (unknown variety! Surprise) x3plants

Available by mail or pick up in Halifax. No HST on any purchases.

Peony Myrtle Gentry

$85.00 $65.00
Probably, the most fragrant peony! 3-5 eye root Available in fall. Fall is the best time to plant peonies, because they need cold weather to grow their roots and establish in the new location.
Peony Itoh Joanna Marlene

Itoh Peony Joanna Marlene

$95.00 $65.00
Joanna Marlene Itoh peony. Rarely offered and unusual! Colour: Flowers change colour from yellow to salmon and peachy tones. Flower size: medium Fragrant: yes Bloom time: midseason Height: 2.5 ft Width: 3 Hardiness: 4, 5, 6, 7

Do Tell Peony

3-5 eye root. Can be mailed or picked up in fall 2020.

Pastelegance Peony

3-5 eye root. Available for fall 2020. Order early to reserve the plant; we have just a couple of these left (as of July 15). Can be mailed in Canada or pick up in Halifax. Deer dislike peonies. Fall is the best time to plant peonies, as they need cold weather to establish their roots.    

Peony Hot Chocolate

Unusual flower form and colour, strong stems. Bloom time: late midseason. Stems don't need to be supported. 3-5 eye roots. Henry Sass/Helen Reynolds, 1971 Bare root plant. Can be mailed or picked up in fall.

John Cabot Climbing Rose

$45.00 $39.00
Blooms throughout the season. Blooms are quite full, up to 40 petals each. Grows to about 8 ft tall. Moderately fragrant. Very disease resistant and undemanding. Bare root plant.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Peony is a long-time favourite with delightful fragrance and perfectly formed double blooms. A reliable bloomer; makes a great cut flower. Try Sarah Bernhardt peony in a bouquet or float a flower in a bowl. 2-3 eye root. Hardiness zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Bloom time: late season. Awards: Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid peonies. Plant peonies no deeper than 1-2 inches, or then might not flower. Choose a well-draining, sunny location. Peonies may not bloom the first year as they dislike being moved. But once established, they can live for 50 years or longer.